Campaign missions are missions that are unlocked through leveling. These missions are permanent and require multiple objectives to be fulfilled.

Auckland Edit


Objectives Edit

  1. Destroy Missile Clusters
  2. Reach bridge
  3. Capture control towers
  4. Destroy Remaining Missile Clusters
  5. Reach Fortress Gate
  6. Investigate Energy Source
  7. Defeat Boss

Hong Kong Edit

Hong kong

Objectives Edit

  1. Decode genetics research data
  2. Decode nuclear containment data
  3. Decode electromagnetism research
  4. Defeat Boss

Seoul Edit


Objectives Edit

  1. Investigate Seoul Approach
  2. Gain Entrance to the Harbour
  3. Breach Blackwater Blockade
  4. Enter the Harbour
  5. Defend Power Plants
  6. Defeat Boss

Tokyo Edit


Objectives Edit

  1. Clean the powerplants
  2. Destroy the Anomaly

San FranciscoEdit



  1. Escort Ship to Redfruit HQ
  2. Escort Ship to Hooli HQ
  3. Escort Ship to NKusa HQ
  4. Escort Ship to Extraction Point
  5. Defeat Boss

Bermuda Edit


Objectives Edit

  1. Rescue stranded NCA ships
  2. Investigate whats [sic] causing the storms
  3. Defeat Boss