"Hard-hitting multi-purpose combat ship with balanced defense and maneuverability"
―Official Description

Summary Edit

The Destroyer is one of the three ship classes, along with the Corvette and the Battlecruiser.

The Destroyer is based around direct damage output, while still having a decent amount of health and speed. That is why Destroyers are generally fit for a multitude of roles, and can adapt to fit most playstyles. The base level hull is the Challenger.

Ship Types Edit

  1. Challenger
  2. Havoc
  3. Pele
  4. Viking
  5. Vulcan

Tactics Edit

When using a Destroyer it is advised to deal as much direct damage as possible, as well as ramming the enemy since Destroyers tend to have ram bonuses, either from the hull, bridge, or a module. You should always keep track of your hitpoints, though, since you can be destroyed reasonably quickly by high-damaging opponents such as Ravens, Hunters, and most bosses. Objectives that require you to move around quickly in a certain amount of time, such as the maps Seoul and Tokyo, you should just rush to your destination and try to defeat the opposition when you have arrived instead of along the way. For objectives that require you to hold a point, Hongkong and a part of Auckland, it is best to call in assistance, or use other bonuses/modules.