The Fleet Squadron Icon

Fleet Squadron is a Special Ability which appears in game when you have at least one other ship in your fleet. Using the ability will summon up to two other ships from your fleet to help you.

The summoned ships will follow you for a short duration, trailing behind you in a manner similar to the ships from the Fleet Leader Special Ability or Enemy Attack Groups. They will fire their equipped weapons, but will not ram enemies intentionally, or use their special abilities. This means that summoning higher level ships via Fleet Squadron is a very effective strategy when dealing with enemy Bosses.

Radial Menu

A Radial Menu showing the "Add To Squadron" button.

You can specify ships as part of your preferred Fleet Squadron via a toggle on the radial menu at the port. These ships will be included, if possible, when using Fleet Squadron. If more ships can be summoned than you have picked as your preferred ships, then a random other ship will be selected. Same applies if none are selected.

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