Fleet Missions are timed activities which allow your ships to protect the seven seas while not in active duty. During a mission, you are not able to use the ship or modify its equipment, although the ship can still be summoned by using the Fleet Squadron ability.

Missions have durations ranging from 10 minutes to 4 hours, and each provides a different amount of Gold, Alloy, and Circuits, as well as some Power Points. The payout from each mission increases with the power of the ships used for that mission.


Types of missions Edit

Here are a few missions available to you:

Event name Time needed Description
Counterscout 10 minutes Blackwater scouts have been probing our south pacific defenses. Seriously-no one likes being probed.
Famine Relief 10 minutes Help build the NCA's reputation as a stabilizing force by delivering food to flood refugees.
Full Tanks 10 minutes Short range transport choppers are still finding groups of stranded refugees. Use your ship as a refueling platform to aid the seach.
Pirates! 10 minutes Blackwater aren't the only scavengers out there. Patrol near your Fleet Headquarters and seize any pirate vessels found.
Escort Evac Ships 10 minutes Tropical storms have forced mass evacuations from new coastal lowlands. Escort the evacuation ships to safety.
Storm Chaser 30 minutes We no longer have reliable connections to weather satellites. Track storms in the Gulf of Alaska and keep NCA advised.
Search and Destroy: Rangers 30 minutes Blackwater have started using their missile ships to disrupt coastal rebuilding efforts. Take out as many Rangers as you can.
Search and Destroy: Raiders 30 minutes A fast moving battle group of Raiders has been reported in the Tasman Sea. Whether the scouts or a fleet vanguard, we need to take them out now.
Search and Destroy:Skimmers 30 minutes Enemy skimmers have been raiding nearby coastal areas. Go put an end to it.
Defend Research Stations 4 hours Pirate bands have taken to hit and run raids on our deepwater research structures, looting supplies and fuel. Find them and take their stuff.
Live Fire  4 hours Continue to improve your fire control systems in time honored military tradition-shooting beer cans and bad guys.
Captain v Captain  4 hours Blackwater's reach is wide, but their captains are disorganised and very poorly groomed. This makes them vulnerable to you and your...panache.
Restricted Missions
Gauntlet 10 minutes Our Aussie allies need a fast Corvette to speed through a Blackwater gauntlet and draw them into a trap. Send a minimum level 10 Corvette urgently.
Hit and Run 10 minutes We've intercepted the possible location of a key Blackwater research facility. Send a level 12 or higher Destroyer to flatten it, then high tail it out.
Tip of the Spear 4 hours We need a strong ship to lead an attack on a heavily defended Blackwater ship factory. Choose a level 25 ship or higher to lead this attack.
Smoke on the Water 4 hours Blackwater Raiders are burning fuel to mask wider fleet movements. Intercept with a level 18 or higher Battle Cruiser to stop fires and spot their fleet.

Only 5 different missions are available at once, but when a mission is selected another mission of that duration will appear after 5 minutes. The full list of missions will reset every half hour.

May change in final version.