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Red Plasticyte

Plasticyte is/are the toxic clumps of blueish or reddish colored organisms found in the ocean, or on the shoreline. Destroying them sometimes yields small gold and various Loot Items, except Blueprints. The Mutated Plasticyte can be dangerous, since it emits a damaging aura that deals ~20 damage per tick to anything near it. The mutated variant can also be spawned by the Kraken.

Naturally occurring Plasticyte is found in every mission except Soeul and Bermuda.

Strategy: Edit

Plasticyte is great to destroy whenever you see it, as it can drop Alloy, Circuits, and Gold. However, plasticyte can also many different types of loot items. This makes plasticyte invaluable when fighting bosses, as the pickups they drop can save your life.

Additionally, using AoE weapons is extremely useful when attacking large clusters of platicyte, as the individual organisms have very low health. This can be useful in hot spot missions that require you to destroy large amounts of plasticyte.

Acid Rain is helpful for quickly removing on-screen Plasticyte.

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