Special Abilities, also called Activated Abilities, are powerful abilities which can be used during gameplay. Special Abilities are typically granted by Bridge Modules or by capturing Control Points and when activated unleash powerful abilities such as aerial bombing runs, satellite based laser strikes, or effects like speed boosts, health regeneration or extra armor.

Abilities in Fortress: Destroyer do not use mana, but do have cooldowns. Cooldowns can be reduced through systems research or by collecting Cooldown Boosts.

Using Abilities Edit

Abilities can be activated by clicking on the ability icon at the bottom of the screen. On PC and Mac, pressing the hotkey displayed above the icon will also trigger the abilities.

List of Abilities Edit

Name Type Module Description Cooldown Duration
Fleet Squadron Special - Summons up to two ships from your fleet to assist you. 90 s. 20 s.
Bombing Run Control Point - A bomber will come and bomb along a line painted by the player. 65 s. Instant
Satellite Strike Control Point - An orbital laser cannon fires at the targetted position. The player can drag the laser around. 65 s. 8 s.